We address the European Commission to take resolute actions against the violation of people’s rights through the aggressive activities of airports. Year after year, air traffic grows while there is a simultaneous lack of legal regulations that could protect the communities residing within the airport influence zones. We are aware that each airport in Europe affects its neighbors differently; nevertheless, the undeniable negative impact remains consistent. There is a series of studies that clearly indicate that airports are sources of air pollution emissions and noise at levels significantly higher than other known forms of impact on human health. As citizens of the European Union and the United Kingdom, we jointly demand actions to safeguard our health. Many of us are on the brink of nervous exhaustion, and many more will join this group.

Moreover, airports emit a vast amount of pollutants, with concentrations within a 6 km radius from the airport being five times higher than in urban areas. Vapors and exhaust fumes lead to various diseases that can ultimately lead to death.

However, the most palpable problem is chronic sleep deprivation. Many airport neighbors regularly suffer from lack of sleep, which, as we know, has very negative implications for their lives. Cases of divorce, falling into addiction, and more are known outcomes. Lack of sleep and its disorders can lead to, among other things:

  1. Faster aging of the brain
  2. Increased risk of mental illness
  3. Shorter lifespan
  4. Reduced concentration and cognitive abilities
  5. Decreased immunity
  6. Diminished fertility

Many families, despite great suffering, cannot do anything to change this situation because their homes are unsellable. Simultaneously, they cannot afford to leave these houses and buy homes in other locations. Such a state of affairs should not exist in civilized countries. Moreover, we learn that airports play a crucial role in urban development. Additionally, they provide indirect and direct employment for many people. If that is the case, why should all of this come at the expense of the health of a portion of society?

We do not agree with this. Depending on the specifics, we demand the European Commission on behalf of EU citizens and the highest authorities of the United Kingdom on behalf of citizens of the UK, to take action for the communities residing near airports within the EU and UK. We demand the introduction of legislation mandating property buyouts based on market principles or, in the case of individuals who do not agree to such a solution, compensation payments and entries in land registries for these properties, noting their defects—specifically, exposure to excessive noise. This will secure the airports’ interests against abuse. Property buyouts should encompass an area within at least a 4 km radius. Alternatively, we call for the implementation of an 8-hour core night at all airports in the EU and UK